Wednesday 13 April 2016

Glenbrook. Our next adventure day

We set off to the Blue Mountains today to explore some easy walks around Glenbrook.
We want to start getting out on walks and bike riding more as a family, so this was to be an easy introduction.
Princess and daddy planned visits to Red Hands Caves and Jellybean pool. I'm quite keen to see Blue Pool as well.
We are well equipped with knitting for the journey, tea for the picnic and princess has brought her binoculars and the bird spotting book Poppop gave her!
I also noticed that she had come prepared with Peter Rabbit tucked into her back pack. So glad she hasnt outgrown him yet.
We started the day at the track down to Jellybean Pools. It wasnt a long walk but had plenty of steps to get down to the river.
It was definitely worth it.  The pool has a lovely sandy beach  wi th plenty of rocks dotted about for sitting on and picnicking.  Other groups were there too, well eauipped with music, footballs. We paddoed a little, enjoying the clear water.  Others there were braving the chill to rhe water and swi ming. Whe  the sun came out i was tempted to join them, but swimming in my clothes wasnt so appealing.
Instead we had settled aon a cup of tea while the chuldren oaddled.
Verdict  great place to settle in fo4 a days relaxing, esoeciallt on a hot summers day
Next stop 
Blue pools