Friday 15 April 2016

2773: Best.Coffee.Shop.Ever!*

*the children may have had something to do with naming this blog post

We asked a local where we should go for coffee.

So glad we did!

They directed us further down Ross St (we would have been too lazy to walk further down the hill because we couldn't spot anything), to a fantastic cafe called 2773.

If you've been to Grounds of Alexandria.  It's just like that.
Only better.
A fraction of the size
A fraction of the crowds
Easy parking
No queueing
Loads of room for the kids to play
Lovely food
And probably closer to the majority of Sydney-siders than Alexandria is.

It was set back a bit from the street, possibly in some lovely historic-type building.  I got a little distracted by all the funky details so I didn't pay attention...

There were lounging beanbags out the front, on a picket-fenced (fake = no mud) grass area.  Great for chillaxing.  There's a pizza oven out there too, which would be fabulous fired up in the evenings!

There were plenty of tables, overlooking a children's play area. The kids loved the cubby & slide. 

A path runs down beside a pig pen and chickens for kids to say hello to.

The entire back area had places for children to run & hide, but all was fenced, so no escapees!

Good Coffee :)

Considering the milkshakes.  The verdict was good!

Ice Cream Cart!
Kids were thrilled when their ice cream order was done here!
Most importantly, there was awesome Tea!  Because nothing is more important than a nice cup of tea.  They had a good selection of leaf teas!  It's so easy to make a nice pot of tea that it surprises me that so many cafes don't do it!

I ordered my favourite of a black chai.  It was fabulous!

Banoffee Pie with Coconut Ice Cream

Apple & Pecan Crumble Tart
 Loads of room to eat inside too.

We had a lovely afternoon soaking up the warm sunshine and the general vibe.
This was a great place all round, but definitely a must do for families with little kids - they can play & run safely while grown-ups get the required caffeine-fix - whether you require the bean or the leaf variety!

We will definitely make a day trip back to Glenbrook just for this place!

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