Tuesday 5 October 2010

i'm an addict...

Well, it really is time to get this blog off the ground!

So here I am showing my latest excitement - vintage fabric...

Normally, I just read other blogs like this, and drool with jealousy thinking that I would never find fabrics like that, but then, today, it all changed...

Now, I'm an addict...

I was pottering along in the car, finishing all the mad errands to be done on a rare child-free day, and thinking about the cost of buying sleep sheets for our sleeping bags for a camping trip we're going on soon (wish me luck, camping's not really my thing! lol!).

As I headed along to drop a load of stuff off to the charity shop (what a great feeling!), the amazing thought occurred to me that perhaps I could make my own sleep sheets. I'd been tossing this idea around, but we don't have spare sheets hanging around at our place. Then, inspiration struck! Check out the charity shop.

And that's when I started to get excited :)

Sorting through all those lovely vintage florals, mmmm, I just couldn't resist.

I just had to buy them, they were calling out my name....

lovely purples, pinks, florals (one's even sheridan!)

and doesn't this one just take you back to your childhood?

Or maybe not if you're not as old as me.

Well, it certainly took me to a happy place, and brightened up an otherwise gloomy day! And would you believe, the sun came out just as I pegged it on the line.

We were definitely meant to meet.

And then, the floral sheets I remember from my childhood were brown. And I don't mean cream, with a touch of brown. I mean all-over, mud brown, highlighted by various other shades of brown, ranging from mustard on up!

I did buy a pair of pragmatic brown striped sheets to make our camping sheets with (but I haven't shared them with you) - I couldn't bear to sacrifice any of these lovelies for such mundane purposes. I have other, crafty, frilly dreams for them!

So far, I'm thinking frilly retro aprons... Maybe a bit like these beautiful ones. Leave me a comment if you've got some ideas for them. You never know, if I can pull it off, you might even win one!

The good news? I spent less than the cost of 1 new sleep sheet, even on sale! and I managed to come home with less stuff than I donated. So I think that makes me a winner! And I haven't even started sewing yet....

Off I go, those vintage sheets are calling my name!

Sunday 4 July 2010

Fun with the Fishies

We had fun with the fishies today. Nice to hang out with friends too!

Some photos to share...

Not very many of the children - they wouldn't stay still!

Neither would the fish. How very inconvenient.

Lamby, however, was very happy to pose for a shot!

It was THIS BIG!

The Princess was intent on giving Gorgeous Boy kisses & cuddles.

But note his expression in the next frame!!! "Girl Germs! Yuck!"

Wednesday 30 June 2010

fb drove me to blogging!

Well, finally, I've been driven to creating my own blog (or is that re-creating - we've had a couple of family blogs that are now defunct... fallen victim to 'lots- lack of time syndrome' - let's see if this one can last a little longer...)
I really just wanted to upload a couple of photos onto facebook. But it seems that it doesn't like me. Or perhaps it doesn't like my web browser...
It used to let me upload photos, but only with the 'simple uploader' - don't be fooled by the name though, because the simple one was far cleverer than the standard model - it actually worked!
It appears that the simple uploader is no more, so here we are..
I'm sure I can think of something to say every now and then. Probably mainly related to my crafty (but definitely not crappy!) attempts.
There may even be a tutorial or two.
And perhaps even the occasional blather about life in my house...
We'll see.
So if you want to see the post that got all this started, read on.
It all happened one frosty morning.

One Frosty Morning

One frosty morning (actually 2 frosty mornings: Yesterday - the inspiration; Today - the action!), the Princess and I headed out for an adventure.

The Princess dressed for adventure (excuse the not-quite-finished hat that mummy made, must finish now she's decided she likes it!):

"I'm happy Mummy!"

It sure was an adventure - it was below zero here. Pretty cold for Sydney!

We were inspired by the beautiful frost-cloaked settings around about where we live. So off we went to take some photos.

beauty in the detail

The Princess even had a chance to get up close and personal with some ice crystals (or 'sprinkles' to use the correct terminology).

Enjoy! (and please excuse the crappy lay-out - I'll get better at this! Promise!)