Saturday 29 April 2017

Baking Adventures Continue: Persian Love Cake

Easter Sunday lunch required a special meal, which of course means a special dessert (first things first!).

It was time to resurrect the baking adventures (no Easter puns intended)...

I thought it would be good if we avoided Chocolate.

there being an abundance of it in stock for the season...

Please note, I don't generally recommend avoiding chocolate.  That would be rash.

So what that in mind, I perused my favourite baking book, and discovered Annabel's Persian Love Cake, which I then proceeded to Thermify just a little (only in the interests of saving labour on my part).

If you haven't got it already, you should get it, it's that good!

Special Delivery: Favourite recipes to make and take*

Look away now if you have a nut allergy

I brewed my obligatory baking-cup-of-tea

collected ingredients

milled some almonds according to Thermomix directions.

then proceeded with the recipe

To blend the crumb (of almond meal, sugar and butter):
Turbo 2 seconds 3 times.
What could possibly be wrong with almond, sugar and butter?

Crumb base worked beautifully

To combine the rest of the ingredients:
4 seconds, speed 5, then a 2 sec Turbo.
I find the Turbo good for really moving ingredients around, especially when some seem to be sitting on top.

Fresh nutmeg - a surprising amount!

Everything else was done according to instructions.

The cake turned out beautifully.

The only issues were entirely mine - the texture was a little soggy.  But that was because I used the end of a tub of yoghurt - it contained a lot of whey  Don't do as I did!

I'm not usually good at decorating, but I managed to pull off a heart in the centre.
Can you see it?

The nutmeg gave the most delightful fragrant tang and depth of flavour.

Annabel recommends that the addition of lemon zest is optional, but I would heartily recommend its inclusion.

It provides a contrast to the sweetness of the cake.  I didn't show you the mountain of sugars in it!

Serving with greek yoghurt and segments of orange balanced the flavours beautifully.


I'll be cooking this one again - it's a Keeper!

* the link to purchasing the book is an Amazon Associate link.  If you purchase via the link, I'll get a small commission

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