Sunday 14 August 2016

Look! I knitted a Hat!

I finished my hat!

I love how it comes together in a star in the centre

I did some serious knitting this week (never mind housework and other responsibilities) and whipped up a hat.

Yes, you read that right, I finished a knitting project fast enough to describe it as 'whipped up'.

All for a fun Knit-A-Long for the Hey Sister Podcast.

I found a great hat recommended by other knitters in the Hey Sister Chat thread - the Ziggy Hat pattern, and I loved it.

It's a little large, but that's entirely my fault - as I picked up a yarn I had hanging around, unlabeled.  Turns out it's probably 12 ply, and the pattern is for 10 ply.  I still love it - it's that great slouchy vibe, and I can fix the loose 'cuff' by sewing through some shirring elastic.

I'm calling it my Serendipity Ziggy

Wish I'd had it for the snow - it's got some serious warmth.

The pattern looks lovely - it's a zig zag (hence the name) but I also think it's kind of like leaves on a vine.

It was simple enough for my (limited) concentration span, and forgiving enough to cope with a few mistakes (unless you look really closely and I won't let you!).

It was nice to do a quick project and get instant gratification.

It was much easier than I expected. Have you ever knit a hat?  I'll definitely be knitting more.

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