Sunday 14 August 2016

I need your help: Shawl Problems

Isn't that just lovely

I started knitting up my glorious Hellomello handspun sock yarn into a shawl.
I was so excited about it - the yarn is beautiful to work with, and light as air knitted up.

Perfect match for our plum blossoms


I chose the Shetland lace patterned Midnight in Sydney.  Which is a beautiful pattern, and I just love it.  I thought it would be fairly simple, with lots of garter stitch and a *ahem* simple lace pattern on the edge.

I'm not an advanced knitter, so I thought I'd chosen something I could manage.

I still love the pattern, but I don't think I can knit it.

I used a safety line at the start of the lace pattern, which was a fantastic idea, because I had to keep ripping my knitting back to it.   At least 4 times.

I couldn't even get to line 4 of the lace pattern (there are 26) despite repeated efforts.

I've decided to give up on the Midnight in Sydney pattern.

I don't know whether it's my (limited) abilities - there is a knit-4-together, and knit-4-together-through-back-loops that I find extremely difficult to do

Or whether the lace pattern is just not intuitive for me - I've found in other knits I've done, that there is a rhythm to the pattern that I gradually discover.

I know I only got to 4 rows, but the lace pattern was repeated along the row - these rows have lots of stitches!!!  I just couldn't get into the swing of it even though I could see how the lace was evolving.

It is highly likely that the issue is my concentration - I couldn't seem to keep track of where I was up to.

I refuse to admit that my eyesight is getting worse, although that may be a contributing factor...

Anyway, now I am on the hunt for a new shawl pattern.  I just can't decide.
I'll list some below, and ask you to vote.
But first, here are my guiding thoughts:
* yarn yardage - I only have approx 450 m
* I want a crescent shaped shawl (not an assymetrical triangular shawl this time)
* I'd like to replace the garter stitch with stocking stitch, as I think it will show off the variegation in the yarn better
* It can't be too tricky lol
* It can't have any knit-4-togethers.  They are my nemesis (along with a few other things)

Here they are:


(c) Carrie Bostick Hoge
Love the meaning behind the name
It's a long shawl, but I could change the stitch count to make it smaller and fit my yarn yardage.
The lace looks a little scary, but I can also see how it repeats

Daelin - looks a bit celtic to me...; and I'm wondering if it's *meant* to be in green.  Will it suit my sweet purple / pink yarn?

(c) Miriam L Felton


(c) Leila Raabe
But will it be too tricky?
Stocking stitch interspersed with lace.

(c) Maliha
Gorgeous - but would it look better with a heavier yarn weight for a nice wintry shawl?


image: (c) Helen Stewart - Ravelry
This is cool, because she has a whole set of tutorials to walk you through your first shawl.

My only issue is that I'm not a huge fan of eyelets - I prefer more of a lace, but those eyelets sure do make a lovely pattern...  And my yarn is similar to that one!

I have started reading her tutorials, and have learned such a lot already - she also has a great podcast.
You can find out more here

I really need some help deciding here!  Which one would you choose?

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