Sunday 12 June 2016

Roast Strawberry & Ginger Cheesecake

Thank you again Annabel for another delicious recipe:  Roast Strawberry & Ginger Cheesecake.

Today I got to sit around the table with new friends & old, and someone else did the cooking.

It was divine.

Our awesome Chef had the good sense to choose the dessert first, and then plan the rest of the meal from there!  There's a reason we are friends.

I can heartily recommend that you add this to your Special Delivery cooking wishlist.

The cheesecake was creamy, with a flavour that seemed to improve with every mouthful.  It wasn't too rich or too sweet, and the gingernuts in the base added a sweet, spicy (in the fragrant sense, not hot) depth of flavour.

Advice from the Chef?
Follow Annabel's instructions, and all will be well.  Every instruction.  They are all very helpful!

Those Gingernuts are pretty serious biscuits.

Anyone else have childhood memories of softening them in their cup of milk or tea?

So, in Annabel's words, they do need a good 'seeing-to' with a rolling pin, even if you are going to use a food processor for the base!

Oh, and it also helps to get the cream cheese out of the fridge a little early so it can soften.

Our only disappointment was that the chef hadn't sampled the maple-roasted strawberries before adding them to the cheesecake.  While we may have benefited from the increased ratio of strawberry to cream cheese mixture, she has been given stern instructions to make this again for us, and make sure she tastes them first.  They sound heavenly.

On a side note, last summer I bought vast quantities of strawberries being sold for a song. We did roast some, and tbey were incedible. They were chewy and intense in flavour. Perfect for snacking on or for throwing in a granola. I really want to try it again now our new oven has a dehydrator setting!

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